Tuesday, March 24, 2009


     Spring break is over.  We hope you had a fun week with your children?  We know some of you were able to travel a bit, whether it be to Grandma's and Grandpa's or a vacation destination, and some of you chose to relax at home.  Or maybe the "relaxing" starts this week when the kids are back at school.  We teachers do know that the children are glad to be back.  They are so chatty and excited tell us all about what they have been doing!  So, welcome back!
     Just before break, we had a special visitor,  Ed the  Builder, otherwise known as Ed Griffin, Mrs. Shelly's dad.  Ed brought lots of his tools, both hand and electric, to school so we could see how they worked.  He also told us how important it is to build things straight and level, showing us how we can check to be sure we are doing just that.  Before leaving Ed the Builder, each child got to squeeze the power drill and make it go.  Cool!!  Back in our rooms there were hammers, nails, blocks, and work benches to keep us busy.
We are thankful for Ed and all other volunteers who are willing to use their time teaching young children about their hobbies and jobs!

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