Monday, March 21, 2011


We love to have visitors come to Pre School to tell us about their jobs and talents. During "tool week" we talked about how tools help make our jobs easier. We invited Charlie Eggert's dad, Jeff, to come and talk to the Orange and Blue Classes about the tools he uses in his dental office. Dr. Eggert first showed us his mask, which he wears over his mouth and nose so that he doesn't share his germs with his patients. He also has a very cool pair of glasses to wear. They have magnifying lenses in them that make it possible for him to see the tiny cracks and spaces in our teeth. Of course he brought a tooth brush which he used to brush his dragon puppet's teeth with gentle circling movements. The tooth brush is a tool we need to use to keep our teeth clean too. Before leaving, Dr. Eggert gave each student a "dental tool bag" which included tooth paste, a timer for brushing, and other nifty items! We are so glad he was able to find time in his schedule to come to school!
There are many kinds of tools and Builder Ed came to Pre School during "tool week" to show all of our students the tools he uses for building and fixing houses. (Builder Ed is Mrs. Shelly's dad who has recently remodeled her house.) Ed brought tools for measuring, tools for drilling, tools for sawing and pounding and tools, like his level, for keeping his work on the straight and narrow! Some of the tools were very noisy so he has to wear special ear protection. We got to try them on too. Builder Ed has a tool bucket which is FULL of all his tools. When he is working he puts the things he is using currently in his tool belt so they are handy for him to use. Before Builder Ed left we all got to squeeze the trigger on his cordless drill and feel it vibrate and see it spin. Thank you for spending time with us Builder Ed!
Tools are really cool!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Pajama Day was a total success! Did we all lay around taking naps? No way!! But we did wear our pajamas, snuggle with our bedtime friends and eat cereal for snack. Our stories were about " The Napping House." By the end of the story, no one was napping in the Napping House and certainly not at Pre School. We thought you would enjoy seeing some of us in our best sleeping attire!