Thursday, October 24, 2013


This year our Halloween focus is on spiders.  Some people view spiders as spooky creatures that lurk in corners waiting for a chance to crawl up someone's leg.   Because of that reputation they make great Halloween characters.  Actually, most of them are very helpful.  They trap and eat many of the insects that are so annoying to us humans, mosquitos, gnats, flies, etc.  Spiders have eight legs and two body parts.  Some have as many as eight eyes!
 Try making this cute spider for a Halloween decoration.  Draw a spider web in the corner of a paper.  Paint your child's hand, except for the thumb, with black, washable tempra paint.  Print  a hand print on the paper, fingers facing left.  Repaint the hand and print a second time placing the palm on top of the original palm print with the four finger facing right this time.  Red pom-
poms make great eyes for your spider!  When dry, hang it on your refrigerator.  
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 21, 2013


In Minnesota, when November arrives, we start “nesting.”  We gather our harvest of veggies and  freeze them, can them or store them in our basements.  Knitters knit warm hats.  Quilters quilt blankets.  Handymen fix drafty windows and doors.  At school we read books about hibernation and snowmen.  But, hey, this is Minnesota so we celebrate it all!
November begins with a bang  for Preschool.  Dinosaurs will be researched by our children with the help of Maija Sedzielarz from the Science Museum of Minnesota.  Maija will bring us dinosaur artifacts to see and touch; bones, eggs, foot prints and more!  It’s a great way to learn.
We’ll finish the month focusing on food, harvest and Thanksgiving.  Although the Pilgrims’ lifestyle was very different from ours we have many things in common with them.  As Christians we thank God for his constant presence in our lives.  Our families, friends, food, and comforts of home are gifts from God that we are thankful for.   When we face difficult times in our lives we know God has not abandon us but that he is carrying us through our trials to a better day.  Giving thanks is something can we learn at an early age and practice all our lives!