Friday, October 29, 2010


Unfortunately, I didn't make it to all of our Halloween parties but the two I did attend were nothing but fun! It always takes a few minutes of standing around staring at the others in the class before the children are ready to start the day. Costumes are a little intimidating sometimes but once we get used to the idea of dressing goofy (even the teachers) we all love it. Each class took a break from playing early in the class session to do a costume parade. We carried our trick-or-treat bags upstairs and marched through the Hermanslie Lounge where many of our church staff were awaiting our parade with treats in their buckets. They dropped surprises, from pencils to Starburt, into our bags and we tried to remember to say "Thank you." Then it was back to our playing followed by Halloween stories, pumpkin carving, games and snack. By the end of the day we were` hot and itchy from our costumes. We do love the excitement of a party though and we are looking forward to putting on our adorable costumes again on Halloween night to entertain our neighbors and friends.
There will be more pictures of our parties in the slideshow at our four year old program on Nov. 11. :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Signs of Fall

This month the students at Salem Pre School have been learning about the signs of fall. The apple harvest, which began in late summer, continues into fall. We enjoyed a trip to Aamodt's Apple Farm and we loved the applesauce we made at school as a part of our apple unit.
As we look around our Pre School area we are noticing other signs of fall. The leaves on the trees are changing to beautiful colors are drifting softly to the ground. When we walk through the woods to the park we sometimes find dog stickers and other seeds stuck to our clothing! Picking them off can be time consuming! Our Pre School garden is ready to be harvested. The carrots, which have been in the ground since last May, have become "gianormous" as the kids would say. We'll be eating them for snack and as a part of our Thanksgiving Feast.
Halloween is coming soon and we hope to decorate some of the pumpkins at our parties. I'm sure costume plans are being made in many home these days. Visit our blog again at the end of the month for some examples of these beauties!