Wednesday, March 11, 2009


     Easter is such a hopeful time of year!  The world around us is coming back to life after a long winter's rest.  If we are attentive, we can see the first tiny signs in the grass, the pond, the trees and the sky.  These occurrences in spring can set the stage for the most miraculous new life story of all, the Easter story.  Pastor Pattie will be our guest storyteller on April 1st and 2nd as we hear of how Jesus died for our sins, rose again and was taken to heaven where he will prepare a place for us.  Our Easter parties, on  April 7th and 8th will include a little fun.  In addition to dying eggs and making baskets, we are hoping the Easter Bunny will make a stop at our school to give the children an Easter surprise to take home!
The second half of April will take us outside a bit more and we are hoping for good weather.  We will be planting marigold seeds, sharing stories about our pets, and learning about and observing the pond and the birds.  We are not the only ones busy in spring.  All God's creatures are busy too!

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