Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Magic Wands
When you live in the world of young children these days you realize how
important it is to have a magic wand! Harry Potter has one. The Star Wars characters
have one. Fairy godmothers have one. When I took my youngest grandsons to the
bus stop this week they were so excited to tell me that their friends down the block
came home from Disney World with wands that “really worked!” I have to admit, I
never saw or heard what they actually did. The
suspense is killing me! Surely we adults could use a
magic wand to make our lives better.
I began to wonder how I could get myself one of
these special devices. I don’t really think I would want
to change pumpkins into coaches or mice into horses.
I don’t long to create potions to make people
disappear, but if I could make my day seem happier or
easier, I’m in. Looking around the house I came up
with a number of items that bring change to my day.
Could they be magic wands? Maybe it would work for
others, too.
Working in my kitchen I took out my mixer and
blended the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies.
Although it’s not a potion, these cookies can make an
unhappy child grin from ear to ear! After coming home
from Hawaii in February I found myself discouraged
with the clouds and snow that were so persistent for several days, it seemed like
several weeks. I went to Target to get some items for Preschool and found small
anthurium plants for sale at a very reasonable cost. Boom! I bought one and the
warmth of the Hawaiian sun filled my family room and lifted my spirits! Some days the
number of items on my “to do” list seems overwhelming and I become over focused on
too many details and my multi-tasking skills fail me. A giggle and a hug from my
grandchildren, or one of your children at school, can put my day back into perspective.
Love is the magic wand that make life worth living, not lists of accomplishments.
March can be a dismal month as we transition from the beauty of winter snow to
the gorgeous colors of spring but we have magic wands all around us. The tricky part
is finding them and recognizing their power. God, please open our eyes so we can see

the magic of your world!

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