Wednesday, March 22, 2017

APRIL 2017

Winter is over.  Mother Nature has rolled up her blanket of snow and put it away for a few months revealing what she has been hiding underneath.

  1.  Mud:  Get outside and make a yummy mud pie.  Here’s the recipe.                                                                                       1 pail of mud                                                                            1 stick for stirring
      1 handful of rocks
       Pinch of sand for sprinkles

2.  Wildlife:  Look for worms, fly larvae, bird eggs and lots of baby  rabbits.

3.  Plant life:  Early blossoms will include colorful hellebores, crocus, dandelions, and mayflowers.  Pick a few and bring them inside to enjoy!

4.  Sticks:  Gather sticks of all sizes to use for mixing mud pies, building forts and making campfires.

5.  Rainbows:  What else can I say?  They are beautiful!

6.  Easter:  Yup, all of the above are a reminder of the New Life God promises all those who believe.  Jesus  experienced many difficult times in his life.  When we experience the “winter” of our life He is there to carry us through.  Then he lifts us up and we blossom into the person he planned for us to be!

Happy Easter!

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