Friday, April 19, 2013


It’s spring!  At Pre School we’re turning “inside out” so to speak. Warm weather means trading the indoors for the outdoors more often. Because we are going outside, at school and at home, it is important to review some health and safety tips this month.  The New Brighton police and fire departments will both be stopping by to talk to our students.  These community helpers are there to keep us safe and to help us if we are hurt, lost, or afraid.  Meeting them in person is a good way to recognize that they are our friends.  We never need to hide from them.  We also get an opportunity to see the police car and the fire truck up close, including all of the specialized tools they have for helping in dangerous situations.
Another visitor we have in May is Julie Philbrook, a safety educator from Hennepin County Medical Center.  This year Julie will be teaching us about the importance of wearing a bike helmet every time we are on our bikes.  That will be often now that the weather is nice!  This lesson is for bike riders of all ages!  We appreciate Julie’s willingness to come and talk to us this year.
We celebrate the end of the school year by getting out into our community.  The four year old classes will be spending a class session at Silverwood Park.  The park educators will be teaching about birds in general and owls in particular since there is an owl’s nest with baby owls right there in the park!  Can’t wait to see them!  The three year old classes will be taking a school bus to Como Park for a morning of fun with the animals there.  Both the bus ride and the zoo are exciting for the children!
We’re sad to have our school year end in May.  We will have a fun summer.  Some of our students will be back in the fall to harvest our garden and to learn and grow in our classrooms.  Others will be off to kindergarden.  Congratulations and best wishes to them!

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