Thursday, September 13, 2012


After a very hot summer, Pre School is back in session.  We just finished a week of meeting our students and their parents and I think we are going to have a very good year!
 The last time I blogged it was spring and our students and teachers were busy planting our garden.  With the hot weather we experienced in July and August I am so thankful for the families who volunteered to water and weed so faithfully.  Our zinnias are the star of the show in the garden.  They display their colors on tall sturdy stems and attract gorgeous butterflies.  The carrots are still hiding, waiting for the day we dig them up and have them for snack.  Tomatoes and peppers have been producing all summer.  The sunflowers, which were "volunteers"  from last year, were a bust.  Too bad!  We'll try again next year.  Last year's three year olds planted the pumpkins.  The vines are growing everywhere!!  Local animals have snacked on some of them but we will be able to harvest enough for our Halloween parties.  Fall is a harvest season and we will be experiencing the fun of gathering the fruits of our labor.

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