Tuesday, May 10, 2011


In May we invite many of our community helpers in to tell us how to play and stay safe this summer. The New Brighton Fire Department sent firefighters Kip and Ed to our school to talk about fire safety. They reminded us NEVER to play with matches, lighters, etc! They also talked about what to do if we are ever in a fire. If our clothes catch fire we STOP, DROP AND ROLL. When there is smoke in the building we crawl out of the building because the smoke goes up to the ceiling. Always have a designated spot outside your home or school where everyone should gather in case of an emergency. If you are stranded in a burning building, ALWAYS GO TO THE FIREMAN when he comes. Ed dressed up in his firefighting gear for us to see. He looked a little scary at first and his breathing was like Darth Vader but when we remembered that he was just a person dressed up to fight fires we knew we didn't need to be afraid of him! Kip and Ed brought their fire truck to school and we saw all the hoses, tanks, axes, lights, etc. and we sat in the firefighters' seats in the truck! Cool!
Julie Philbrook, from Hennipen County Medical Center came to school also. Julie told us how important it is to wear our bike helmets when we are out riding our bikes. Doctors can fix our broken bones and scratches but they cannot fix a broken brain. That is why we must protect our brain! Helmets do the job! Wear yours all the time.
Salem Pre School is also looking forward to Kim Boyd coming to school to talk to us about safety rules to stay safe in our community. Kim is a New Brighton police officer and has talked to us before about strangers, getting lost, crossing streets safely and many other topics! She also brings her police car for us to see.
We are so thankful for all of these people who spend their days taking care of us!

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