Monday, May 18, 2009


School is almost over but before it ends we wanted to invite the New Brighton Fire Department to come to our school.  Fire safety is very important no matter what your age.  The firefighters emphasized  several rules which the children were to share with their families.  First, have a working smoke detector in your home.  Make it buzz so everyone recognizes the sound it makes.  Second, choose a meeting place outside your home where the whole family will meet if there is a fire.  Third, in a fire, crawl below the smoke to get out.  Fourth, always go to the firefighter if you need help getting out.  Never hide.  Fifth, if your clothes catch on fire, stop, drop and roll!
After we talked about the important rules, the firefighters showed us the special clothes they wear to fight a fire.  Their boots and their pants are hung up together so they can step into them quickly.  They wear a heavy coat that protects them from the flames.  It has lots of reflective tape on it so they can see each other in the smokey air.  Their helmet protects their head from falling objects and they can carry their own oxygen and oxygen mask to help them breath in a smokey fire.  They look a little scary in their gear but we know that they are our friends and they want to help us.
Their fire trucks are full of very special equipment to help in emergencies.  There are many hoses, ladders, axes, picks, oxygen tanks and lots of lights and sirens.  The firefighters invited us to climb into the truck and see where they sit when they ride to the fire.  
We are very lucky to have such great firefighter keeping us safe all year long!


Have a safe summer everyone.  See you in the fall!

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