Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Parties

We hope your Halloween was fun and safe!   The weather was perfect for being outside.  Our Halloween parties at Pre School were excellent.  The pumpkins didn't rot before we carved them.  Some years they have!  The children were so cute in their costumes.  Thanks for all the effort you put into dressing them up.  We also appreciate the treats many of you shared with us!

 Our next big event is the Fall Program that the Blue, Purple, Red and Yellow classes are presenting on Thursday, Nov. 13 at 7:00 pm.  Is there anything better then watching 4 year olds sing and dance?  We will also include a slideshow of  these children in their fall activities, at the apple orchard and at their Halloween parties.  Friends and family are welcome.  
Please have the children in their classrooms by 6:45 pm.  The program will be upstairs in our Fellowship Hall.  See you then.

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